Infonetics sees encoder revenue growth

Infonetics Research has released its fourth-quarter 2008 update of its report, "IPTV and Switched Digital Video Equipment, Services and Subscribers," which forecasts 2009 revenue growth in particular for vendors of encoding technology.

Jeff Heynen, Directing Analyst, Broadband and Video at Infonetics, said in a press release that encoder companies will benefit from "the HD arms race currently going on in North America and soon to expand to Western Europe and parts of Asia."

Infonetics also reports that service provider spending on IPTV and switched digital video gear in 2008 was up about 48 percent from the previous year to $3.9 billion worldwide. The fourth quarter saw about 10 percent growth. Infonetics sees pending reaching $8.9 billion globally by 2013.

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Here's the Infonetics press release