An inside look at Comcast's 'Viper' development team

With Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) involved in an all-out promotional blitz of its X1 platform amid the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Rio, the MSO trotted out members of the video platform's development team (codenamed "Viper") for a Denver Post feature story, which ran today.

"The unique thing we're doing with Viper is instead of licensing technology from vendors, we're building it mostly in-house," Broome said.

The Post feature includes comments from CableLabs President and CEO Phil McKinney, who calls the MSO "a rare beast" for spending so much time and money on the X1 platform.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts "made a bet on the X1 for five years," McKinney said. "I can count on one hand how many CEOs are willing to make a five-year bet. The attention span of executives is usually much shorter. But now having that control, if you look at the X1, they're releasing new features every month. And they can actually do live tests. With the X1, they can use it as a live sandbox and respond to the market much faster."

You can read the full Denver Post story here