Intel, NDS announce TV over WiMAX demo

Intel is looking for more reasons why operators should deploy WiMAX. Intel and NDS Group today announced a trial system to show that TV and video services can travel over WiMAX and that WiMAX can offer more than just broadband access. Using the WiMAX IEEE 802.16-2004 standard and the soon-to-be-ratified IEEE 802.16e mobile standard, Intel and NDS will also collaborate on industry and market development activities. The two are demonstrating the TV capability at Intel's Wireless Competence Center in Kista, Sweden, which shows how fixed pre-WiMAX equipment can deliver content to customer premise equipment and then use WiFi to send content to the notebook. The companies intend to enhance the system to support 802.16e standard in the future.

For more about the mobile TV demonstration from Intel and NDS:
- check out this release from NDS (pdf)

PLUS: There has been an ongoing debate surrounding the future of this wireless technology. If things turn out right, WiMAX over TV may become a killer app. FierceMarkets will contemplate the opportunities and pitfalls presented by this technology at WiMAX Strategies 2006 at GLOBALCOMM. Check out the agenda and don't forget to register!