Intel SVP: DRM restricts usability

Intel's SVP and GM of the Digital Home Group, Eric Kim said DRM gets in the way of consumer usability, Apple's iTV product is going to do wonderfully and user-generated content is a powerful idea for Internet TV but a difficult one to monetize. Here are the choice quotes as reported by

  • "No matter how good your DRM is, it gets in the way of consumer usability and consumer preference. I believe most consumers are honest and fair and if they can get value, they're happy to pay for that. With DRM it's very hard to do, because it puts restrictions that from a consumer standpoint are not acceptable. Many times when problems happen, you lose what you bought, and you get angry and you don't get what you pay for. That's not acceptable."
  • "[Apple is]¬†going to make the concept of connecting the TV to your PC a desirable concept. They are going to do wonderful in creating this marketplace. People don't know you can do this today and even if they do know, it's too complicated... The thing about Apple is that they will deliver the best optimized and user friendly solution within their closed environment... What we're trying to do is to go beyond that. We want to create an open foundation that will enable other major CE companies to plug in to the PC platforms and deliver a variety of content."
  • "In terms of UGC and videocasting, it's a powerful idea. The biggest challenge is that YouTube gets the biggest eyeballs of all sites right now. What is the business model, how do they make money? If they can't make money, they won't last very long. That is the next big challenge."

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