Intel watching Google TV closely; Openet not, repeat not, in discussions with Cisco

> What's a day without a Google TV story? Love it or hate it, the thing's got media legs. Now Intel is reportedly watching how Google does with its WebM video format. If it proves popular, the chipmaker said it will likely build hardware acceleration for it into Atom chips for TVs and cable boxes. Story.

> You might not have been wondering. In fact, you might not have even known. Just in case, though, Openet has put out a news release to proclaim that it is "not currently involved in acquisition discussions" with Cisco. Of course the way Cisco gobbles up companies, Openet could be the only one in the world that's not in those kinds of discussions. News release.

> Looking to invest? SmarTrend has ranked the top five cable and satellite companies by beta--the higher the beta rating, the riskier the stock, though there's a potential for higher returns. View the ranking here.

> Juniper Research reports that companies throughout the world will increase their investments in mobile VoIP phones and unified communications services. Story.

And finally ... Our friends at CED Magazine are abuzz over the fact that Red Bee Media has joined the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (making a DECE move, so to speak) and, in doing so, has brought a boodle of international broadcasting and advertising clients into the fold. Story.