Interactive intrusion? Apple upgrades streaming software; CBS seen leaning to Hulu

Cable's interactive competitors/companions are again on the move. Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) TV upgraded its software so that users can now stream NBA League Pass and MLB TV and broadcaster CBS (so far not owned by an MSO) could be changing its digital strategy in a move that would push it closer to Hulu.

On the always-interesting Apple TV front, the upgrade is "huge because sports are one of the few remaining selling points of a traditional cable package," reported Blast Magazine.

CBS, meanwhile, has been pushing in a new direction. It acquired and hired Jim Lanzone as president of CBS Interactive. The eye network has avoided any Hulu contact before-unlike its Big Four counterparts-but that could be over according to a report in GigaOM.

Interviewed soon after his appointment, Lanzone told the site that "his first order of business would be to understand how the company got to where it was and why it made the decisions it made." From there, based on has interactive background, it's a small step to seeing some proactive/interactive changes.

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