Interactive TV programming providers take financial hits; Optimum Lightpath expands into Clifton, NJ

> These are not the best of times for a pair of international interactive TV programming providers who announced disheartening financial results. Cellcast posted a pre-tax loss of 1.881 million pounds compared to last year's 179,000 pound profit and NetPlay, which is transitioning from mobile content to interactive TV said its pre-tax annual loss exploded to 11.1 million pounds from 1 million pounds in 2008. The company is hoping that Google TV will reverse its fortunes..

> Cablevision Systems' commercial business unit Optimum Lightpath has expanded service into the Telx co-location and interconnection facility in Clifton, N.J. The goal is to serve financial hotspots in New York City and Northern New Jersey, the unit said in a press release.

> For now, Rogers Communications can say it has the "fastest (and) most reliable" Internet service in Ontario. Bell Canada has taken the claim to court but has initially lost an injunction to ban the ads. Story.

> Sky Deutschland, belying its name, signed co-distribution deals with two German cable companies, Tele Columbus and Versatel Telekabel, and will co-market its pay channels directly and terrestrially to cable subscribers as part of the cable triple play. Story.

And finally... Montezuma and La Plata County residents are still shooting off their mouths (and fortunately so far nothing else) demanding to get Denver TV delivered to their communities even though they fall outside the Denver DMA. "We don't really give a DMA about your DMAs," said audience member MAC Burkett in comments directed to Nielsen rep Tim Dolson. "The federal government has to take its finger off us." Them's fightin' words, ma'am. Story.