Internet connectivity, cable deals on tap for TiVo

That major announcement TiVo had been promising turned out to be the introduction of a new box with a revamped menu and a closer link between TV shows and Internet content.

For $499 you can get a 1 terabyte TiVo Premier XL that can store up to 140 hours of HDTV programming. For 200 bucks less you can get a 320 gig hard drive that holds 45 hours of HDTV. Of course in order to use them, you'll have to pay $12.95 a month, $299 for three years or $399 for the life of the unit--however long that might be.

TiVo also continues to change its business strategy away from selling hardware and is licensing its menu guide and features to Comcast and Cox Communications who will use it to replace the on-screen guide used in their DVRs. On the competitive side, it's developing a box exclusively for DirecTV's satellite TV system and is selling units to RCN to lease to its cable customers.

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