Internet TV arrives

If there is one mega trend to emerge--or at least be confirmed--from CES2008, it is that after many years of phony war the battle for Internet TV finally is serious, with device vendors, content players and distributors scrambling to be a winner in what is expected to be the biggest entertainment revolution since color TV.

The key to success in the new video industry is collaboration and there has been a spate of deals and alliances announced as players quickly realize it will be the operators that bring user friendly functionality consumers really want and compelling relevant content that will prosper. No one player has it all, and hence why everyone is doing deals.

Big picture all pre-recordable material is expected to originate from a server (think of the Internet like a giant TiVo machine) with broadcasters eventually being limited to live and big event coverage (sport/concerts etc). But while this helicopter view may be relatively clear, who successfully emerges from the industry transformation to the internet is any one's guess.--Tom