iPad suffers first stumble as WiFi connectivity flutters

Early adopters generally expect some problems with their latest gadgets and those who ran out to buy Apple iPads are no different. Over 10,000 WiFi users have seen the thread "Weak WiFi Pages" in the first 48 hours since the product launched.

Early speculation among the early users with the early problems is that the poor antenna placement is to blame. Others think it might be a software issue because most users running completely Apple-based networks aren't having the same problem. Whatever the case, it's more evidence that computer-based products inevitably suffer problems immediately after they leave the launching pad.

Apple, however, has been hinting it's moving to television and that's a medium where bugs, worms and other assorted glitches are about unwanted as fire ants at a church picnic. Just ask Charter Communications, which, through no fault of its own, is suffering angina in Wisconsin over its decision to not financially compensate subscribers for five-plus hours of TV, Internet and phone service outage. It wasn't Charter's fault, the MSO maintains, that power went out when a car slammed a utility pole near Sauk City, knocking down power and cable lines, so it's not liable for the damages.

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