iPad users could be cable's enemies, not friends

Here's an enigma wrapped in a puzzle wrapped in the business of today's cable operation. Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) CEO Brian Roberts is an unabashed fan of the Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) iPad and what he thinks it can do for the cable industry. He trotted one out at The Cable Show in May, and, during a recent third quarter earnings call proclaimed his continued infatuation by noting, "We're very excited about the iPad; it gives us a chance to start from scratch with the user interface that is using Web technology, not cable box technology."

So how's that jive with a recent study by The Diffusion Group that concluded those who already own or are likely to purchase an iPad in the coming months "are significantly more likely than average adult broadband users to either downgrade or ‘cut the cord' and cancel their pay TV service?"

Rather than flocking to interface with cable, the study determined that iPad users are "more inclined toward anti-incumbent behavior" that would make them more favorable to new video purveyors like ivi.TV and Sezmi.

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