iPhone, iPod Touch get U-verse DVR scheduler

Remote DVR scheduling via mobile phones is nothing new, and AT&T has supported the function on some phones for almost two years, but the telco this week announced a new solution available from the Apple App Store that enables the iPhone and iPod Touch devices to schedule, manage and delete recordings from U-verse DVRs in the home. The application is called the U-Verse TV Mobile Remote Access App.

In other U-verse news, AT&T this week extended its existing relationship with Alcatel Lucent as the primary end-to-end supplier for the U-verse service. The relationship dates back to 2004, when the carrier was known as SBC and the vendor was known only as Alcatel. The contract extension keeps Alcatel-Lucent in a role in which it manages the participation and integration of other vendors and their systems, including Microsoft and its Mediaroom platform.

For more:
- TWICE has this report on the DVR app
- Multichannel News has this story on the Alca-Lu extension

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