IPTV, 3D TV are key untapped growth technologies in Asia, survey finds

Asian pay-TV operators says IPTV and 3D television offer the best untapped opportunities for growth as high-definition television's share of the market continues to grow, telling Global Intelligence Alliance that the newer technologies will give operators a chance to differentiate offerings in the region.

GIA polled 35 pay-TV operators in 14 countries in the Asia-Pacific region and found that many are looking towards new technologies including video-on-demand, 3D TV, direct-to-home IPTV and new platforms for future subscriber growth and greater revenues--more than 50 percent already offer HDTV.

Over-the-top content delivery is seen as a threat, the survey found, as piracy is a major concern in the region.

Surprisingly, the group was less than overwhelmed by mobile TV as well.

Much of the concern, said survey partner, ContentAsia, was with the available revenue models.

"Many say they don't expect digital revenues to come anywhere near their traditional revenue in the next three to five years. That doesn't mean they aren't moving in that direction though. The digital question of the moment, then, is about balance--or, specifically, how far and fast to move into the future without jeopardizing today's business," said Janine Stein, of ContentAsia.

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