IPTV a pay TV leader in Russia; UHDTV getting worldwide attention

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> IPTV grew 62 percent in Russia last year compared with 3 percent for cable and 20 percent for satellite. Story

> The FCC has approved a six-month trial by Baltimore's WNUV-TV to confirm the ability of OFDM to support ultra high definition TV within existing 6 MHz channel slots. Story

> The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is running a UHDTV test with Spanish public broadcaster RTVE. Story

> Research and consulting company infoAnalytica said it published an in-depth market study on the impact of IPTV on interactive in-room entertainment systems in hotels. Press release

> Watchwith and Dijit Media said they have partnered up to offer real-time synchronized second screen TV experiences. Press release

Online Video News

> Consumers moving to online video to avoid watching ads are finding less relief and more pitches as the number of ads in digital content grew by about two-thirds between December 2011 and December 2012. Story

Cable News

> Time Warner Inc. said Monday that it is conducting a lab study that uses eye tracking devices to gauge the impact that smartphones and tablets have on TV viewing. Story

Telecom News

> TDS, Inc. reported fourth-quarter 2012 revenue of $1.34 billion, up 2 percent from $1.31 billion in Q4 2011 due to gains in both consumer and managed business services. Story

And finally… France Telecom's Orange IPTV and satellite customer base grew to 5.9 million subscribers in 2012. Story