IPTV competition comes to TX, lowers prices

Prompted by a new Texas law allowing telcos and other broadband providers to seek video franchise licenses, carriers are beginning to roll out new IPTV services across the state. With AT&T already a player there (see story, above), and Verizon rolling out its FiOS service, the state is emerging as a national leader in IPTV implementations. But Texas should soon have company. With federal video franchise legislation pending--and states enacting similar laws--it seems that video franchising competition is here to stay.

As IPTV has hit Texas markets, cable companies have been forced to respond decisively. Since the roll outs, competing cable providers have dropped their prices significantly and upgraded their service offerings. For example, with Verizon offering FiOS TV for $43.95 per month, Charter Communications lowered its video price from $68.99 per month to $50 per month and threw in fast Internet service to boot. Experts say such competition is likely to lower cable prices in virtually any market where IPTV becomes available.

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