IPTV Evolution: NBC says ban MPEG jargon

At FierceMarkets IPTV Evolution, which was co-located at Internet Telephony, yesterday, NBC's VP Sheau Ng outlined an ideal world for those in the content value chain:

  • Consumers buy a title, not a particular file for a title (so, we buy video once, for all devices)
  • "Stop, pause, resume, buy, rent, etc." all work across platforms, devices, and service providers/retailers
  • Content transcoding is a job for the professionals and the serious hobbyists (DVD Jon, please quit your day job. Or is he a pro?) 
  • MPEG is banned from everyday consumer vernacular (What they don't know, they can't crack) 
  • Consumers need to know as much about DRM as they need to know about locks in their bank vaults (I liked this one best) 
  • Consumers' content (purchased and their own creations) are as safe as their credit cards (Meaning consumers should be angry when someone rips the content that they had to pay for)

For more information on Sheau Ng:
- check out his bio (he built an integral part of the DVD player, can you guess which part?)

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