IPTV middleware breakdown

According to a London research firm, nearly one-third of IPTV subscribers are getting their video on proprietary middleware. The conclusion is that IPTV providers are skeptical of off-the-shelf versions.

Worldwide, the number of IPTV subscribers was estimated to be 7.5 million as of June. By comparison, iLocus said that out of 55.4 million consumer VoIP lines worldwide, about 18 percent were on proprietary hosting platforms.

iLocus indicated Thomson was the lead supplier of off-the-shelf middleware, primarily due to France Telecom deployment. Next was Cascade, followed by USTarcom, Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens, Microsoft, Orca, Vcom, Hawei, Minerva and ZTE.

"IPTV equipment has all the ingredients of a market in its infancy," iLocus states. Touche.

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- The iLocus summary is here

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