IPTV's impact on Cable, Satellite TV providers

Though IPTV is still in its infancy and availability in U.S. is limited, 56 percent of all 1,000 plus adults surveyed by Harris Interactive have heard of Internet television. Forty-two percent of those surveyed expressed interest in IPTV since it would be less costly than cable or satellite.

The survey results suggest that the adoption of IPTV could threaten cable and satellite services. Seventeen percent of the respondents said they would cancel their existing TV service for IPTV; 67 percent said they would keep their existing cable or satellite service and give IPTV a trial run; only 7 percent said they would add IPTV to their existing service, and the remaining 10 percent did not have cable or satellite TV but said they would adopt IPTV. The survey also shows that 33 percent of the respondents were most comfortable with cable companies like CableVision and Comcast to deliver IPTV services.

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