IPTV to the aged

There are some who bemoan IPTV as still being nothing more than a me-too cable TV service, but U.K. company Broadband Capital is working with the U.K. City of Hull on a unique market opportunity--or at least one we haven't seen any other IPTV operators pursue. The company's Stream IPTV is delivering an IPTV service package aimed at residents who are 55 years old or older, with funding from the Hull City Council.

The program is intended to encourage independent living by presenting a TV package that includes  local information, e-mail, low-impact exercise programs, crime prevention advice and other applications. It is available now in about 100 households in Hull, with expansion to as many as 5,000 home expected over the next 12 months.

Telephony notes that Hull has now had IPTV service for about 10 years. U.K. telco giant BT only has just begun in the IPTV business, but Hull is among a very slim percentages of the country that isn't served by BT.

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