IPTV World Forum North America kicks off

The two-day IPTV World Forum North America is beginning this morning in New York City, and while this reporter was unable to make the trip, FierceIPTV would love to hear from those of you who are attending the event. Post a comment to this Editor's Corner, and let us know what's going on at the show.

I was taking a look this morning at some of my notes from IPTV World Forum North America 2008, and much of the chatter at that event had to do with initial tests integrating online video with telco TV services, as well as the effect that online video might have if telcos failed to somehow incorporate it. A year on, we are just beginning to see progress toward hybrid online video/TV programming offerings over a few of those networks, and it is safe to say that the initial panic and concern over the effect on online video has passed. Companies are taking their time figuring out the right mix of content and the right navigational approach, and no one seems to be losing sleep or subscribers over this fairly deliberate process.

As this year's event kicks off, however, there are new issues on the horizon: Will network-based DVR services in the mode of Cablevision Systems' (now judged legal) RS-DVR become the new battlefield for telco TV/cable TV competition? Will on-demand gaming be a competitive differentiator? Will telco access to cable TV programming generate the next big legal and regulatory controversy?

These will be issues to watch following the IPTV World Forum North America and in the months to come.