Israeli firm Tvinci says it has monetizeable OTT platform

Tvinci, which develops software to manage video, says it's launched a complete end-to-end, Pay-OTT video platform--combining pay-per-view, subscriptions and coupons--that enables content owners and network operators to offer a consistent content consumption experience across any internet enabled device, including, gaming consoles, smartphones and Apple's iPad.

"We believe that now, as a result of internet TV's expansion into the living room and onto an increasing number of devices, the time is right for pay-OTT video content," said Yonatan Sela, VP of marketing for the Tel Aviv, Israel-based company. "Current paid content initiatives are constructive for testing the various business models and the responsiveness of the audience, but they have only provided a preview of the new ways in which people will consume a significant amount of their content."

Tvinci's platform is based on its Tvinci MediaHub (back-end) and Tvinci MediaStore (front-end) systems which are designed to fit any cross-device OTT requirements. The Tvinci MediaHub is the core of Tvinci's platform, used for the management of video content, business rules and users on any Internet device. It is a one-stop-shop for controlling the entire life cycle of a digital asset: from ingest through management and business rules setting, pricing and billing, to analysis of its consumption and the viewing experience of the end user.

The Tvinci MediaStore is the consumer interface for Tvinci's Pay-OTT video platform, designed to offer each user targeted content. By lowering the purchase barriers and utilizing up-to-date intelligence on each user's favorite content, viewing habits and payment preferences, Tvinci MediaStore effectively helps turn viewers into active subscribers / content buyers.

"We are the first technology provider that enables Pay-TV operators to utilize 'TV Everywhere' for up-selling content to individuals within the household," said Ido Wiesenberg, co-founder of Tvinci. "For example, pay-TV operators can offer specific subscribers to have content available on their connected-TV or iPhone for additional dollars. Our platform's unique flexibility enables operators to increase ARPU by offering the most relevant content to each individual user, per device, per territory, per the user's online social environment. "

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