iStreamPlanet rolls out video workflow platform Aventus to marketplace

AMSTERDAM – iStreamPlanet, a multi-platform video-workflow solutions provider, has announced the general availability of its cloud-based live video workflow platform, Aventus.

The software-based platform, which is designed to make delivering premium live content to connected devices simpler for broadcasters and content owners, also helps reduce capex by enabling users to scale in the cloud, the company said.

Aventus takes advantage of the cloud's virtualized environment to help improve efficiencies and reduce costs in the live video workflow, spinning up machines when workflow demands are high, and taking them offline to save cash when demand is low, iStreamPlanet said.

The CEO and founder of the Las Vegas-based firm, Mio Babic, said iStreamPlanet has been working with several digital media companies to hone Aventus's features, looking for ways to trim the time it takes broadcasters to provision streaming channels for delivery of live events and live linear channels.

Jennifer Baisch, senior director of product marketing for iStreamPlanet, said the platform already is gaining traction, especially among broadcasters concerns with covering live events, breaking news and live sports.

During a product demonstration, Baisch showed how the platform reduces the complexity of streaming live content to connected devices, creating a channel with just a few key strokes. She said publishers could create a single channel, or hundreds of channels, and said the technology works well in either a managed network environment or over the public Internet.

Baisch said NBC Sports Digital will use the platform to stream NBC Sports Group programming, including the NHL, Notre Dame Football, Premier League and the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, among others.

Companies can choose to use Aventus either in a SaaS configuration or in an on-premises software license deployment.

In addition to NBC Sports, iStreamPlanet also counts Turner Broadcasting, AT&T, Pac-12, and Microsoft Azure among its customers.