iSuppli: Near-term growth for STB shipments

The set-top box market has been under increasing pressure of late, but research firm iSuppli has a positive outlook for the next few years. The research firm said that worldwide shipments of STBs are expected to hit about 215.5 million units by 2012, which would represent almost a doubling of global shipments between 2007 and 2012. STB shipments in 2008 totaled about 142.8 million, according to iSuppli.

New efforts by TV manufacturers to embed STB functions, as well as other trends, have led some observers to forecast a long-term decline of the STB market. ABI Research has suggested the decline will occur around 2013. Likewise, while iSuppli sees shipment growth for the next few years, its sees the overall annual growth rate of the market dropping long-term, according to a more detailed post at IPTV News.

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- IPTV News has this post

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