It's a generational thing: Younger folks ready to dismiss pay TV

A new study has uncovered the obvious: More young people, aged 18 to 34, are going online or using handheld devices to watch TV content. The number doing so rose from 34 percent of those surveyed by Horowitz Associates in 2009 to 39 percent in 2010 according to the "Multiplatform Content and Services Study."

"The data clearly show that when it comes to the next generation of multichannel customers we should be concerned about the ongoing and future value of the video/pay TV elements of our service offerings and the strategies in place to deal with them," Howard Horowitz, president of Horowitz Associates said in a new release. "The penetration and usage of alternative viewing technology is reaching a tipping point and the measurable impact on how the TV product is viewed will inevitably follow."

Breaking down the survey's results, only about 3 percent of total viewing takes place on these platforms; the rest happens in front of TVs. One in every 15 young people is currently considering cancelling TV service and 19 percent more would consider it if more of their favorite content was available online.

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