It's lights out for cable TV in California, Mo.; light speeds for Brigham City, Utah

> Crystal Broadband Networks is calling it quits in California, Mo., shutting down service Aug. 19 and advising cable TV customers to "make alternate arrangements for television service." It's also advising its customers to pay up or face credit agency hounding. Story.

> The Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA) says it has made Brigham City "the fastest city in the state" with download speeds of 21.66. Those speeds beat out the state's second fastest city, Pleasant Grove "by almost 60 percent" and "blow away the offerings elsewhere in the state" putting Brigham City "in line with the fastest countries in the world," an effusive news release says.

> Montreal-based media and technology company Stingray Digital has acquired the assets of video-on-demand television service provider Concert TV from New York-based Interactivation. Story.

> Londoners should soon have access to onboard WiFi service on the National Express East Anglia train route (between, surprisingly, London and East Anglia, U.K.) thanks to a contract awarded to public transport WiFi vendor Icomera. Story.

> Also on the British Isles, the Advertising Standards Authority of Britain has slapped down BT's claim of providing "instant" broadband. The action came after BT admitted the service wasn't really instant as in snap of a fingers; it took a little time to heat up. Story.

And finally... despite dire reports about Brazilian cable TV service (or perhaps because of them) Mexican media magnate Carlos Slim has pushed forward a public tender to buy all shares of Brazil's leading cable TV provider, Net Servicos de Communicao. Story.