It's not TV, it's LPD TV: Lasers ready to slice into TV set market

The laser has come a long way from that rudimentary device that Auric Goldfinger used to try to turn 007 into 0014. Now it's moved outside an evildoer's laboratory and right in the family recreation room: the television.

HDI, Mitsubishi and Prysym have already begun to launch laser phosphor display (LPD) TV sets into the marketplace using high quality raw gallium nitride crystals within laser diodes to deliver display quality better than LCD and plasma at about the same price.

The technology, in addition to delivering better color quality and range-essential for the new 3D TVs for which LPD is initially being marketed, laser technology is more efficient, according to an ezine article which enthuses: "Pretty soon you could be equipped to unwind and relish the multitude of channels you acquire on your cable TV or satellite in outstanding very eco-friendly laser television."

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