itaas demos RDK solutions, IntelligentHome porting at The Cable Show

WASHINGTON, D.C.--itaas executives demonstrated at The Cable Show a home network leveraging its licensed Reference Design Kit (RDK) technology with a media gateway that connects to an IP client device and streams from a tablet.

Elayan (Source: itaas)

"itaas takes a Pace (LSE: PIC.L) media gateway and we put RDK software on it," Jim Elayan, the company's VP of marketing, explained. "This tool allows developers to leverage the RDK in a standalone environment."

President and CEO Vibha Rustagi added those companies can "use [the RDK] further for their development and design of their solutions."

Elayan demonstrated how the media gateway can be controlled by a Wii remote or by a tablet.

Rustagi (Source: itaas)

"itaas is working on a wide range of things. We do not only the support for RDK… but we also, in the process of doing that, develop a lot of expertise on the RDK, and so we do embedded work [and] we work with different types of companies to actually do integration from one type of software to another."

Rustagi said itaas works with chipset vendors, OEMs and several MSOs.

"We're providing development expertise around all these platforms along with providing them with the [RDK] solutions… we're very involved in the low level as well as the higher level," she added.

Elayan and Rustagi also spoke about how itaas has been working with Time Warner on its IntelligentHome solution.

IntelligentHome allows consumers to monitor such home automation functions as turning lights on and off, opening and closing doors, controlling thermostats and monitoring video cameras.

"Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) approached us about porting their IntelligentHome application to the smart TV. In this case, they specified an LG smart TV," Elayan said. "We were able to, in a period of a couple of weeks, take their existing mobile version of the application and port it over to a smart TV."

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