ITC uses Entone gateway

Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative, based in Clear Lake, S.D., is deploying vendor Entone's Hydra video gateway to support its IPTV and triple play services. The rural telco, which has been around for 50 years, provides local telephone, digital television and broadband services to about 15,000 subscribers in South Dakota and Minnesota.

"The installation costs represent a major focal point in the business case for delivering IPTV services," said Jerry Heiberger, General Manager of ITC, in an Entone press release. "Entone's Hydra IP video gateway has enabled us to significantly increase the productivity of our installation teams and reduced the cost per home for deploying our triple play services, while providing our users a true connected home experience."

The Hydra gateway can enable multiple video streams over a single DSL or Ethernet connection using existing in-home coax cabling, without requiring a set-top box. It also supports whole home networking technologies such as HomePNA, HomePlug, and 802.11n.

For more:
- Here's the Entone press release

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