ITU-T approves PHY spec

The International Telecommunications Union's Telecom World Geneva event was held last week, and one of the pertinent pieces of IPTV-related news to come out of the show was the ITU-T group's approval of the key Physical Layer and architecture components of the home networking specification. The unified home networking standard is now one step closer to becoming a commercial reality.

The HomeGrid Forum formally announced the agreement late last week. The approved PHY recommendation can now be published and assist vendors in developing products for certification. In addition, the HomeGrid Forum said that the G.9972 recommendation enabling "coexistence between products and other wireline networking standards" received consent from the ITU-T. Also,'s Data Link Layer "was deemed stable and is expected to reach Consent at the January 2010 ITU-T meeting," a HomeGrid Forum press release said.

For more:
- here's the HomeGrid Forum press release

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