ITU-T approves portion of standard

The International Telecommunications Union's Standardization Sector (ITU-T) has "successfully consented" (that's "approved" to you and me) the physical layer and architecture portions of the home networking specification, according to the HomeGrid Forum. That's enough to enable chipset developers to progress on silicon designs. aims to provide a single standard for home networking and TV content applications over any wire technology, including coaxial cable, phone lines and power lines. The approved version is considered a foundation specification, according to HomeGrid member CopperGate Communications. A full standard is expected to be ratified by September 2009.

The efforts have progressed through the ITU fairly quickly and have reached this significant milestone just as many service providers are getting more involved in home networking using an array of technologies, including wireless. It is not exactly clear where wireless fits into the standard, but companies like Ruckus Wireless and Celeno might have something to say about the ongoing use of wireless to support home network apps.

The HomeGrid Forum plans to host a webinar this Friday, Dec. 19, covering the consent and its implications for the consumer market.

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- here's the HomeGrid Forum press release

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