ivi TV to tell FCC, Congress about opposition to Comcast-NBCU

ivi TV, which appears to be in a to-the-death struggle with broadcasters and the courts over whether its Web streaming TV model is even legal, is using its 15 minutes of fame to join the list of those opposed to Comcast's $30 billion acquisition of NBC Universal. Even better, ivi is planning to share those views with the FCC and Congress.

Citing its view that Comcast's "current contracts unfairly impose a restraint of trade and limit competition," the Web startup insists in a news release that the acquisition would "exacerbate the ability of ivi TV and other OTT providers to obtain content."

"Comcast is similar to the landline phone companies who have died a slow death. They will use contractual power and exclusive access to content as a means of continuing to generate revenue from an antiquated business model delivered over yesterday's technology," always-quotable ivi TV founder-CEO Todd Weaver said in a news release.

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