J.D. Power: Cord-cutting victory claims are 'premature'

J.D. Power and Associates has added its voice to the cacophony over whether cord cutting is actually damaging the pay TV business. In the opinion of the global marketing information service company, it's not--at least, not yet.

"The predictions of the demise of television subscription service as we know it are clearly premature," Frank Perazzini, J.D. Power's telecommunications director said in a new release.

Perazzini did not dismiss the popularity of cord-cutting sites like Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX), but pointed out that "with 52 percent of television customers reporting that they still watch regularly scheduled programming as it is broadcast, the current model will remain viable for the next two to three years, at a minimum."

The company's study also revealed that cord cutting is most prevalent among younger viewers and that "27 percent of video service customers indicate that they watch video on handheld mobile devices."

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