Jackass 2.5 movie debuts online first

Viacom's Paramount Studios and MTV New Media have announced plans to debut the latest version of the Jackass franchise, Jackass 2.5, online via Blockbuster-owned Movielink. Viacom claims that the movie is the first studio-backed film to debut online, marking what many believe to be a watershed moment for online video. However, the film is just over an hour long and features a lot of left over footage and outtakes from the previous films--hence the "2.5" designation, we assume. Unlike the typical progression of theater--video store--VOD--network television, Jackass 2.5 will launch via Movielink on Dec. 19 for free with short ads before and after the feature. Then the movie will be available via iTunes and Amazon.com for about $15 on Dec. 26, as will A DVD with 45 minutes of extras for $30. On Jan. 1, ad-supported sites like Joost will offer the film for free or parts of it for free with ads interjected. The following month sees VOD availability.

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