Japanese broadcasters block Panasonic smart TV ad

Japanese broadcasters apparently don't like the idea of televisions that combine broadcast TV with the Internet, so they've blocked commercials for Panasonic's new "smart" television.

"IPTV, or smart television, is a new area of service and we are in talks to create new rules for broadcasting," Panasonic said in a statement carried by Fox News. "We refrain from making further comment."

Smart TVs, at least in Panasonic's eyes, combine Internet television (IPTV) with traditional broadcast. Broadcasters, according to reports carried by Fox, see this as a threat because showing split screen broadcast content and Web pages "may confuse viewers," the story said.

It's not as if the broadcasters have eliminated the ad: it's been shown on YouTube--the sort of thing that they're trying to avoid--and it's gained enough attention among the country's Web fans that viewers are blasting the broadcasters.

"Terrestrial broadcasting is finished because it has failed to keep up with the trend," said poster Desuzo Otaku. "Forget it. We live in the time of the Internet."

Not according to Japanese broadcasters, which reportedly continue to wield both power and popularity in the country.

On the other hand, indications are that smart TVs might be here to stay in Japan, whether the broadcasters like it or not. Just over a year ago NPD DisplaySearch released a report stating 20 percent of all TVs shipped worldwide were smart TVs and that the highest percentage of those, 36 percent, were in Japan, followed by China.

Shipping, selling and advertising, apparently, are completely different subjects.

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