JD Power: AT&T U-verse, Verizon FiOS lead TV satisfaction

Cable TV companies now regularly lead the way in telephone service customer satisafction surveys conducted by JD Power, so perhaps its only appropriate for the telcos to strike back by leading the way in TV customer satisfaction. The JD Power and Associates' 2009 US Residential Television Service Satisfaction Study found thet AT&T's U-verse TV service finished with the highest customer satisfaction rating in the South and West regions of the U.S., and finished second in the North central region to independent regional cable TV firm WideOpenWest.

Verizon Communications and its FiOS TV service won the satisfaction war in the East region, where most of its TV efforts are concentrated. Cable TV giants finished further down the list in all regions. Given that residential telephony services are less key to future revenue and customer relationships than TV services, I think the telcos will gladly accept the TV satisfaction crown in exchange for losing the telephony title.

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