Joost opens access

Joost emerged from beta last week, according to Jacqui Cheng in ars technica. Version 1.0 was opened up for all comers, instead of just invited beta testers. Joost went and quietly announced its commercial debut yesterday on its blog in a "Hello Public" note. "Big day for us at Joost," it said. "Today Joost is drawing back the curtain and steppin' out." The note goes on to say the software is still in beta and needs a lot more work, "and, yes, you may find a bug or two."

Joost has been in public beta since December as a peer-to-peer platform for long-form, ad-supported video. Joost has deals with Viacom, CBS and CNN among others, but it still lacks a truly compelling draw. FierceIPTV was an early beta tester and lost interest pretty quickly, especially with networks making prime time dramas available on their own players.

For More:
- Joost says "Hello Public" here
- Cheng's ars technical post is here

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