Just in time for the holidays, the Boxee Box is ready for pre-order

Boxee's long-awaited set-top box will roll out in November, just in time for the holiday season and right smack in the face of an expected rollout of Apple TV and Google TV--which should make for some interesting consumer face-offs. It currently can be pre-ordered at Amazon.com.

PC Week says the box is now sporting an Intel Atom 4100 processor--the same chip that's powering the Google TV--replacing the Nvidia Tegra 2 that originally was part of the D-Link/Boxee project. The change will allow the Box to handle 1080p video and 3D video, and make handling lower-resolution streaming video easier. It also helps explain why the ship date for the Box, which was supposed to arrive in June, was pushed back five months.

Included with the Box will be a Qwerty-keypad remote, and 802.11n wireless and Ethernet networking capability.

Boxee fans, and there are some 1.2 million of them already using the software client for computers, have a wide variety of content available to them including content deals with MLB.TV, NHL Game Center Live, Pandora and an assortment of others, as well as Hulu, which became available to users this spring.

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