Kingston, N.Y. mayor wants to bring in FiOS; Raleigh readies deal with Google for 'network huts'

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> In what's likely to be a futile effort, Kingston, N.Y. Mayor Shayne Gallo is initiating a public forum on how to bring Verizon FiOS to the city that's now served by Time Warner Cable. Story

> Google has drafted a contract with Raleigh to place nine-foot-tall "network huts" on city property to deliver Google Fiber. Story

> Comcast EVP David Cohen said that comments he made about "usage-based billing" were picked up out of context and misinterpreted in a number of places and that Comcast has "no plans" to announce a new policy which enforces data caps for all. Story

> Argentina's The Cooperativa de Luz y Fuerza Eléctrica de Rojas (Clyfer) will add TV as the third part of its triple play service package with delivery through dishes and FTTH. Story

> Fan TV parent Fanhattan raised $8.3 million in funding probably to assist in developing cable-competitive set-top boxes. Story

Telecom News

> Openreach, BT's local access network business, is ramping up its employee base announcing that it will create 1,600 new engineering positions to keep up with its ongoing roll out of its fiber-based broadband services. Full article

Wireless News

> Verizon Wireless confirmed it is starting to market its LTE network running on its AWS spectrum as an "XLTE" network, providing more capacity to customers. Full article

And finally … German connected TV portals provider Netrange is partnering with German IPTV and OTT set-top box maker ABOX42. Story