KIT digital completes Kamera acquisition

Remember "," the 2001 (yes, that long ago) movie that tracked that rapid rise and fall of Kaleil Isaza Tuzman, the face and money-man of govWorks and head of KIT Capital, has been busy in the IPTV/mobile video packaging arena of late. KIT Capital invested in and renamed ROO Group, an IPTV content packager and distributor, with the moniker KIT digital. Tuzman became CEO of KIt digital back in January, and the company has since announced two acquisitions, new partnerships, business model changes and new financing. Just last week, KIT digital said it completed the previously announced acquisition of content distributor Kamera Content.

Sweden-based Kamera brings KIT digital key relationships with IPTV and mobile video carriers in Europe and Asia. The completion of the deal came weeks after KIT had announced a $5 million investment from KIT Capital and then a $15 million infusion from a mix of investors. KIT also recently announced partnerships with peer-to-peer content streaming firms Pando Networks and Abacast after doing away with its own P2P strategy.

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