Knology 3Q revenues up, video subs slightly down; Harris facilitates Media Genera mobile DTV rollout

> Knology (Nasdaq: KNOL), which recently completed the $165 million acquisition of Sunflower Broadband, reported a pretty good third quarter with revenue up 6.7 percent to $112.9 million compared to the same period last year. The competitive cable provider also said that it increased its customer base by 1,759 residential and business hook-ups to end the quarter with 700,746 total connections, a 2.7 percent increase over a year ago. As with most cable operators, Knology reported a loss of 570 video connections during the quarter and the addition of 33 business customers. ARPU per connection climbed to $53.76 compared to $51.96 at the same time last year during what Chairman-CEO Rodger Johnson called "a very busy period for the company." News release.

> If mobile digital TV is, as some have suggested, the broadcasters last gasp attempt to keep the FCC away from their spectrum, then Harris could be called an oxygen tank because it's facilitating Media Genera's rollout of two ATSC Mobile DTV channels carrying a main and supplementary terrestrial channel to viewers in Columbus, Ohio and Tampa, Fla. News release.

> Lest we get too caught up in election results and retransmission and things of that lowly nature, let it be noted that E! Entertainment is returning to the air in Canada thanks to an agreement between CTV and Comcast International Media Group. The service will also have a commitment to create original Canadian programming so that 50 percent is grown north of the border and 30 percent shows up in prime time. Story.

And finally... Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) is claiming "a major breakthrough in wireless technology" that it says is designed to bring broadband to people living beyond Australia's proposed optical fiber network. Story.