KPN's launches Dutch IPTV Mine

KPN has launched its IPTV service over ADSL, Mine, into the competitive Dutch TV market to plug its declining revenue from traditional fixed business. In 2005, access revenue declined 4.3 percent and traffic revenues dropped 9.8 percent. KPN has picked out a good name, too (Mine), which reflects its three-stage fixed strategy ("attack", "defend", "exploit") to promote personalized TV. KPN aims to have 10,000 "Miners" (may we call these subscribers?) by October 2006.

The Mine offering built around individual viewer wishes comprises 48 TV and 60 radio channels, and the "My Info" button providing news, weather and regional traffic reports. According to Ovum analysts Annelise Berendt and Dan Bieler, what differentiates its offering from the competition is the "Missed Program" catch-up TV for three Dutch public channels available up to 10 days after airing, 300 VoD titles and, although some way off (promised for 2007), user-generated content with subscribers being offered the chance to make their own programs and watch them on their own channel. KPN is offering the first Mine customers a free subscription until October 1 in exchange for their participation and input to get the much needed end-user research.

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