KT IPTV lacks broadcasters

Korea Telecom is rolling out an IPTV trial next week in South Korea and is planning to launch commercial service next month. Both announcements should be additional feathers in the cap of one of the world's most aggressive and assertive broadband carriers, but the incumbent telco is lacking key agreements with Korean broadcasters to support the service.

As a result, there only two non-profit national channels represented in the service, while KT continues to negotiate with the other broadcasters. The impasse, in part, contributed to the commercial service launch being delayed from this month to next month. The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) may intervene if those negotiations don't result in agreements by the end of October.

KT already offers a successful video-on-demand service called MegaTV, but its IPTV offering would be its first service to include fresh content from national broadcasters.

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