KT takes bite of Apple model

The Korea Times reports that Korea Telecom chief Lee Suk-chae dropped the A-word in talking about the future of the telco's IPTV services offering--which has evolved over the last year from video-on-demand to VoD and broadcast. That's right, like other telecom players in both wireless and video sectors, KT wants to be more like Apple, the Times story says.

The evolution begins next month, with the planned launch of an open content development platform for the broadcast part of the network, and the company is also looking to gather prospective content developers at a conference soon. The goal is to allow the developers to sell their programming over the network through a revenue-sharing model, potentially broadening the appeal of KT's IPTV offering over those of its two largest competitors, SK broadband and LG, as the nation's IPTV growth moderates.

The Korea Times reports that KT is aiming to have about 2 million IPTV customers at the end of this year, after collecting about 1 million in 2009--it's first full year with an IPTV package.

While numerous companies across telecom have looked at Apple, iTunes and the Apple store for hints in how to sell content in the future, they have done so cautiously, and no one has really become the Apple of the IPTV world yet--not even Apple, which after launching the Apple TV platform, took its time following up with upgrades.

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