L4 Mobile starts up new division, debuts TV widget, lands NSN as first customer

2010 TelcoTV, Las Vegas--L4 Mobile today announced the roll out of a new division, L4 Media, that's targeted at helping TV viewers discover content and interact across social networks easily using its TV widget platform, Panorama.

The new division immediately announced a new customer, as well, saying it had cut a deal with Nokia Siemens Network, which will integrate the Panorama product into its IPTV solution.

"We want to usher in a new era where it is easy for mainstream television viewers to actively engage with the programs they are watching--to chat with celebrities, vote for contestants, and use social media to discuss shows with friends in real time," said Brandon Albers, L4 Media founder and CTO. "Nokia Siemens Networks is known for consistently advancing innovation around multi-screen experiences and L4 Media is pleased to deliver the types of interactive television services that showcase the capabilities of their IPTV solution. The flexibility of the Nokia Siemens Networks application platform allowed us to quickly and easily integrate our Panorama platform and on-top applications into their system."

The deal will give service providers who have deployed the NSN IPTV solution the option to launch custom branded widgets to their customers. Consumers with access to this IPTV solution have the opportunity to select from a choice of on-screen widgets to interact with their favorite content, directly on their TVs. The companies also plan to complete integration of Panorama into the full Nokia Siemens Networks Ubiquity TV offering.

Panorama was designed from inception to incorporate mobile phone integration, social networking features, and unique revenue-generation capabilities, something L4 says is a differentiator for its product.

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