Lack of 4K infrastructure hinders technology's potential, report says

A lack of end-to-end infrastructure is standing in the way of 4K/Ultra HD, despite the fact that content creators, service providers and TV OEMs "are wagering billions that … (it) will be the panacea needed to lift TV sales and provide the next substantive qualitative differentiator in devices and services," a new report from The Diffusion Group posits.

A TDG press release emphasized that 4K's possibilities are real, but "actualizing this potential will prove far more difficult than widely perceived."

4K, or Ultra HD (UHD), as it's also named, is the next generation of high definition, with four times the resolution of current 1080 pixel HD screens. Unlike 3D, which failed to take off because of multiple technical and consumer-driven problems, 4K/UHD is expected to bloom, driven by the availability of television sets and content, mostly from movies and other existing sources.

That's not necessarily the case, the report says, while providing "strategic recommendations to key industry stakeholders regarding how best to respond to the consumer and market realities that will determine 4K's future."

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- The Diffusion Group has this press release

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