Larry Roberts: Will the video boom kill the Internet?


This Thursday, at 2 p.m. Eastern time, we host a webinar featuring two leading industry figures, Dr. Larry Roberts, the CEO of Anagran, and Colin Dixon, from the Diffusion group.

Both will seek to answer whether broadband can deliver a sustainable HD experience, or will the bandwidth problems from the now insatiable demand for video cause the Internet to seize up, leaving consumers dissatisfied and the nascent internet video industry struggling to win acceptance as a viable medium?

Roberts is knows as one of the founding fathers of the Internet, and has published widely about the rising cost of upgrading routers to cope with the avalanche of video traffic and its impact on the economics of the Internet as a transport medium. He now leads a company with a solution to the problem using what are called flow routers.

Dixon is a seasoned web video executive who now heads the Diffusion Group's broadband practice. Colin is among a few who truly understand how the surging video industry is likely to play out across the three screens and the implications as consumers connect up their TV's, mobile and PC's to watch quality IP delivered video. Both are talented speakers and offer unique insights to the question everyone is now asking, can broadband deliver the HD experience? 

More details and the direct link to be part of the webinar on Thursday is here. Hope you can join us. Tom