Layer3 TV moves to Denver, promises 'smarter' cable offering

Layer3 TV, a startup that founders and long-time cable veterans Jeff Binder and David Fellows promise will be a "smarter" cable television offering, will move its corporate headquarters to Denver from its original location in Boston this summer. 

Backed by $21 million in funding, Binder said the company is creating a pay TV offering that will bring together a variety of existing products and services including Netflix, social media networks and Internet-connected devices such as smart home appliances.

"It's not that there isn't a lot of great products in the market, we just think that as a young company we've got a little bit different take on how to synthesize all of these technologies into something that's a little bit more interesting," Binder told The Denver Post. "We are doing things differently, but we are doing it in the context of the existing entertainment ecosystem."

The two founders were a little short on details during the company's press conference announcing the move, but they said the company will sell its service directly to consumers and will be industry friendly. In other words, the company likely won't alienate the industry as Aereo has done with the broadcast community.

Binder founded Broadbus Technologies, which developed video-on-demand and DVR technologies for set-top boxes. Broadbus was acquired by Motorola in 2006 for $200 million. Fellows is a former CTO at Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA). 

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