LG launches its first 3D TV model in bid to grow market share

Sales of 3D television sets may have slowed in 2010, but LG Electronics, the world's second largest manufacturer of TVs, is betting that the market for 3D and connected TVs continue to grow in 2011.

The manufacturer today rolled out a connected 3D model that uses new technology--Film Patterned Retarder--that sends visual information to both eyes simultaneously to create 3D images. Samsung, the world's largest TV maker, uses technology that sends information to each eye sequentially, a technology called the shuttered-glasses approach.

LG contends its technology allows for the use of glasses that are lighter, more comfortable and that produce less eye strain for the user. The need for glasses to view 3D TV has been a sticking point for consumers who have been reluctant to buy the often expensive devices.

Content producers and IPTV operators, meanwhile, are continuing to experiment with 3D as a value-added product.

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