Live, from Time Warner Cable, it's TV on the iPad

As promised, Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC-WI) has launched a live TV application for the Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) iPad that lets customers who pay for hundreds of TWC channels and services watch 30 cable channels on their tablet computers.

It is, for any number of reasons, just a start--at least that's what Time Warner Cable has to be hoping. Technical limitations, including blackout rules, prevent access to broadcast networks for which the cable operator pays dearly through retransmission consent fees. TWC is also limited by the types of agreements it has with its programming suppliers about when and how programs can be aired.

Even so, Time Warner is out of the gate ahead of Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA)--usually a fast follower--in providing live content on the iPad. The nation's top MSO opened up on-demand programming access last fall but so far has not launched live TV, although everything points to a start-up later this year.

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