Lost Internet equals multiple tweets; ATMC goes digital

> Comcast customers who lost their Internet service were all atwitter--literally--in Nashville and Atlanta, besieging the social media site with their frustrations and complaints. Story.

> Shallotte, N.C.-based ATMC will convert its TV lineup from analog to all-digital by the end of 2010 to offer a potential lineup of over 150 HD networks, HD video-on-demand and high-speed data speeds five times faster than current offerings. Story.

> Electra Entertainment is partnering with U.K. retail giant Tesco to distribute interactive technology through Freeview-ready TVs, set-tops and DVRs available in stores starting in June. Story.

> Time Warner Cable has reached agreement with YES Network to carry a TV Everywhere lineup of live streamed Yankees games. All you need is a Time Warner subscription and an extra $69.95 for the full season or $19.95 for a 30-day pass as well as a burning desire to watch overpaid athletes on your computer. Story.

> Speaking of Time Warner Cable and overpaid, the MSO spent $1.8 million in the fourth quarter lobbying the federal government, an increase of $400,000 (an A-Rod at-bat) over what it spent in the third quarter. Story.